Thursday, June 18, 2015

Teen Workshops.

As a mother of a teenage daughter I am seeing first hand how social media can damage these young girls minds by giving them a false sense of what "Beautiful" really is?

It saddens me to think they have to endure such things and the peer pressure to be a certain way, must be overwhelming.

I'm seeing so much makeup, even worse so much badly applied makeup. I was once 13 and wore all sorts of makeup that didn't suit me or wasn't properly applied, so I speak for myself as well.

I would like to offer these young girls "Makeup Application" workshops from my studio.

I will be going over colour selection, the importance of blending makeup, skincare routines and other tips and tricks of my trade.

But beyond the "Makeup" I hope to instill confidence in these lovely girls so that they feel beautiful with or without makeup.

Please email me for availability and pricing.

Love Mel xx

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