Sunday, September 11, 2016

Spring Favourites.

It's spring time and everything is fresh and alive, beautiful flowers are blooming everywhere.

It makes me so happy, for us it marks the start of the official wedding season in Perth.

As well as my house I have done a spring clean on my makeup kit, out with the old in with new.

I thought I would share with you my new favourite products, although they are not new products to the makeup world they are new to my makeup case.

First up is" Nars" blush in "Orgasm" it's iconic and been a top pick amongst makeup artists for many years, so I caved a few months ago and bought it. 
It's just beautiful and I can't get enough of it, on myself and my brides.

It gives your cheeks a perfect amount of colour with a pinky-peach flush and subtle highlights of golden shimmer, I'm in love! 

Works so well on all skin tones and perfect for my blushing brides.

Next up is this lipstick I came across in my local chemist, It's a Rimmel London lipstick in the shade 38 from the lasting lipstick range By Kate Moss.

I'm always looking for a good wedding day colour, not to pink not to nude. So after many hand swatches I found this an love it!!

It's a peachy nude so it's really good with a brown smokey eye, but still feminine for a bride.

* Colour chosen by Kate Moss.
*High Shine Colour.
*Rich Creamy Texture.
*Lasts up to 7 hours.

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

True Love.

Perth WA, Australia
This is a beautiful story of a beautiful nurse from Belgium, in fact she was is a midwife. A job that really guarantees you won't meet a man……..unless your Julie.

Whilst busy at work with a new Mum Julie thought nothing of the handsome man that walked into the room, it's the norm in this job, visitors all the time.

But when she looked up and they locked eyes that was it, the story began. The handsome man was the brother of the new Mum :)

So some pleasant chatting and Julie was on her way to the next room, But the brother couldn't shake her from his mind. So much so that even though it was out of character he asked his sister to give the beautiful nurse Julie his number.

She hesitated for a while but thought you know what life's too short, lets do it.

This is the result of that day and that phone call.

Now that is what I call "True Love"

Just look at these photo's and you'll see what I mean xx

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