Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Miracle in a bottle.

My job is all about faces, all faces. Young, Old, Dark, Light you name it i've worked with it. I loves faces :) so it's no surprise that I will try anything to to do with faces :) literally anything!

A few months ago I was invited by one of my close friends and fellow hair and makeup artists to attend a night of skincare, champagne and nibbles. So I said "yes" straight away mainly for the "free" champagne, I honestly never intended to buy anything at all. 

The night was lovely and filled with amazing and very successful women with incredible stories to tell, i also "love' stories. The lady who was presenting the night was the makeup artist from channel 7 in Queensland. She had my attention as we are in the same line of work so I listened, but still in my head I said no Mel, no more products :(

The night came to an end and my friend and I were chatting with this brilliant makeup artist with might I add the most perfect skin. Then right in front of me my friends buys a pack of the skincare range and me being me said "oh now i have to buy it" and i did……………….

3 months on my skin has never looked so good! It has literally changed so much I keep looking at it in the mirror going "WOW"

The product is simply a mask you roll on your face at night before bed and you wash it off in the morning, so easy. 

I bought the mask, the moisturiser and the roll on eye cream, it was in a set and sold as a special offer on the night.

I used the mask alone which worked wonders but then teamed it up with the other two products and my skin is flawless and young looking.

So thank you my crazy friend for "making" me buy this mask. I owe you one xxx

Love Mel xx

P.S. They say it much better than me so here is the info below.

You can purchase at or email me if you get stuck.

Nightly Breathable Masque
The key to a functionally rejuvenating masque is breathability. In fact, studies have shown that if a facial masque isn’t breathable, it’s not healthy for your skin. Skincerity is the world’s only breathable masque clinically proven to improve the health of your skin. It’s our Breathable Barrier® technology, which seals in your own natural moisture to deeply hydrate your skin that makes the difference. Engineered by biomedical experts and validated by numerous dermatologic research studies supported by the National Institutes of Health, Skincerity has been shown to be substantially more effective than over-the-counter creams in delivering a higher nutrient content into the skin. Simply roll on before you go to bed, and Skincerity takes care of the rest.
  • Breathable barrier works while you sleep to seal in natural moisture and simultaneously allow the skin to breathe
  • Deep cleans on contact and flash-dries in seconds
  • Delivers a continual source of nutrients to combat sun damage
  • Reduces appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and enlarged pores on face, hands, neck, or chest
Anti-Aging Complex
Peptides make up the building blocks of the essential structural proteins that keep your skin firm, healthy, and youthful looking. The aging process, as well as environmental influences, naturally break down your skin’s ability to reproduce these beautifying proteins. Peptide Plus Moisturizer, an intense anti-aging complex, replenishes the skin’s supply of peptides, reducing the visible signs of aging. An ultra-sheer, oil-free, fragrance-free formula that absorbs quickly for smoother, more radiant skin, Peptide Plus Moisturizer promotes the regeneration of the essential structural proteins your skin needs to remain healthy looking and supple.
  • Moisturizes and enriches aging skin
  • Promotes firm, healthy and youthful looking skin
  • Improves skin elasticity
  • Fights against harm done to your skin by stress, sun exposure, and naturally occurring wrinkles

Advanced Serum
Have you ever wondered why some people seem to have ageless eyes? The answer might surprise you: It’s communication. Using breakthrough science to harmonize communication between skin cells, Eye Effects 3 restores hydration and delivers anti-aging nourishment to the thin, fragile skin around the eyes. Specifically formulated to target three critical signs of aging—fine lines around the eyes, under-eye puffiness, and dark circles—Eye Effects 3 improves overall skin structure with beautiful results.
  • Three-in-one product benefits refreshes, lifts, and improves skin structure
  • Diminishes and prevents the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Decreases puffiness in under-eye bags
  • Reduces the appearance of dark circles

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Perth Wedding Upmarket August 2015.

Last weekend my business partner and I were lucky to be invited to be a part of the Perth Wedding Upmarket held at the University of Western Australia in the most beautiful Winthrop Hall.
We were at the Lush Hair and Makeup booth.

Never have we been under a roof with so much creative talent, we were buzzing with excitement.
We arrived early and set up our booth which was so cleverly crafted my my brilliant Father (Pa), we added our girly touches to create a makeup table. Our highlight was our flowers and "Lush" logo that were styled by Kate from Ruby Tree Creative an beautiful talented girl.

Our day started with hair and makeup for the hosts and the runway model. The stunning model Jacinta was modelling dresses by Cleo Borrello, a very clever mother daughter duo.

The rest of our day just flew by, we met so many just beautiful friendly brides to be. We did a few hair and makeup makeovers to show our work. We did fit in a few coffees as well.

Thank you to everyone who was a part of this perfect day.

Love Mel xx

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

The Two Melanie's.

As you know I love my job and love my brides, each for different reasons. But recently I had the pleasure of working on a wedding with what could of been my twin?

We are both called Melanie, we are similar in age, we are both Welsh, we both adore makeup, we both put "Love Actually" as our favourite movie ever, we both have never played a sport, we both love to talk (a lot) and after spending the morning doing her makeup and watching her drink  "Wild Turkey American Whiskey", I too now love it.

Melanie got ready at the Fraser Suites in the most beautiful room over looking the river on what was the most perfect Perth winter's day, not even a ripple in the river.
With a reception at Matilda Bay you really couldn't of ordered more perfect weather.

We laughed from the minute we walked in till the minute we left, Melanie and her two bridesmaids we a delight to be with. As were her gorgeous family who popped in during the morning as well.

With Melanie loving makeup and putting no limits on me, we created the most stunning bridal look for her, everything was perfect! The dress! The flowers! The hair! The makeup!

So here are some photo's of the beautiful Melanie on her wedding day.

Thanks you for the laughs and being you.

Love Mel x

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Perth Wedding Upmarket.

A huge part of our business at Lush Hair and Makeup is word of mouth and referrals from people we meet along the way, Facebook and Instrgram being our biggest platform to share our work and all the work of other wedding suppliers we've had the pleasure of working with. Honestly the talents of some people!

We have quite a few wedding expo's, fair's and open days in Perth, each one being different and unique. We have been involved with a few over the years but never this one.

However this year we had a lovely invite to be a part of Perth Wedding Upmarket, we feel very lucky that our work was noticed and that we will spend the day with so many brilliant and talented people.

It's held in University of Western Australia’s Winthrop Hall Undercroft, a beautiful old building that really sets the tone of this Wedding Upmarket.

We will be at our Lush Hair and Makeup stall from 10am to 3pm on Saturday the 29th of August 2015.

Please come and say Hi and see what we have to offer.

Love Mel xx

"We’ve done all the leg work for you and handpicked Perth’s leading designers, the best of the best,  who you can meet all under one roof at UWA’s Winthrop Hall Undercroft.  Products and services will include handcrafted jewellery, veils, wedding couture, stationery, stylists, flowers, gourmets plus lots more"

Our beautiful bride Tegan, whom we just love to bits made it onto the advertising page. Photo by I Heart Weddings and flower crown by Ruby Tree Creative.

                                         Look for our Lush Hair and Makeup stall, it will be ever so pretty with lots to see.

Monday, August 3, 2015

My New Love.

I could buy makeup all day everyday, I really could! There is something new every week that I want to try and buy. 
As a makeup artist I have to keep up with new products and trends so I feel like makeup shopping is part of my job? well i think it is anyway.

One of the most important parts of my job is to make sure that the makeup I apply in the morning is still looking good in the evening. Weddings especially need that longevity as our brides and bridesmaids are photographed all day and night. On a typical wedding day we start at around 7am so to be looking good at midnight involves good products and good application.

Once your on to a good thing with makeup you do tend to stick to it and why not? I know I do.
Every ones skin is different and what works for one may not work for another, so I'm always looking for products that work on everyone because my clients are all so different.

For me primers are paramount to my work, literally couldn't do makeup without them. My face primers I love and use at the moment are" Arbonne Makeup Primer", "Benefit Porefessional" and "Benefit That Gal Brightening Face Primer". They are all just beautiful products and never fail me, whatever the occasion I feel confident my makeup isn't going anywhere.

But my eye primer just wasn't making me happy, it worked and my makeup never creased or smudged I just wasn't loving it, So I bought the iconic "Too Faced Shadow Insurance" Melanie!!!! Why did you wait so long? To say I love this product is an understatement, it is exactly what my makeup kit was missing. 
The primer is a beige colour so it's very neutral it has a slight sheen but certainly not glittery or shimmery. It's so smooth to apply and you need the smallest of drops. I love that it has a dry finish so your eyeshadow sit perfectly. My eyeshadow stayed all day and night without fading or creasing, i really couldn't love it anymore if i tried.

Love Mel xx

Monday, June 22, 2015


If you asked me to choose my favourite wedding, I would have to say "I really can't" it would be literally impossible as all of my brides are beautiful and unique as their weddings.

I have loved our beach weddings but then a simple wedding in a small winery is just as nice. We drove to an old manor in the country and didn't want to leave. The list is endless and ever changing.

But the wedding i am featuring today just touched my heart and still does, I think it's a combination of a beautiful LOVE story and a blending of families.

Our bride chose the heritage listed Terrace Hotel to get ready, this hotel is just charming and old and has a romantic feel to it, so we did have a good start to our day. The room itself was a photographers dream.

The brides dress was by Bohemian Brides, we are in LOVE with it's simplicity.

The actual wedding was in a city park so simple but so beautifully set up by the talented people at "The Dreamer and Collector"

The reception was back at The Terrace Hotel, which transformed it's front terrace into the most divine wedding reception, full of fairy lights and elegance.

From a Hair and Makeup point of view we are still in awe of the much talked about "Flower Crown" by Ruby Tree Creative. It was more than we could of dreamed of, just perfect in every way.

But i think the biggest credit goes to "I Heart Weddings" who captured every moment of the day perfectly.
Natalija's work is flawless and she managed to tell a love story with her camera. 
The LOVE between these two still melts my heart, which is why i wanted to share it with you all and also so you can all understand why I just absolutely LOVE my job so much.

Love Mel xx

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Teen Workshops.

As a mother of a teenage daughter I am seeing first hand how social media can damage these young girls minds by giving them a false sense of what "Beautiful" really is?

It saddens me to think they have to endure such things and the peer pressure to be a certain way, must be overwhelming.

I'm seeing so much makeup, even worse so much badly applied makeup. I was once 13 and wore all sorts of makeup that didn't suit me or wasn't properly applied, so I speak for myself as well.

I would like to offer these young girls "Makeup Application" workshops from my studio.

I will be going over colour selection, the importance of blending makeup, skincare routines and other tips and tricks of my trade.

But beyond the "Makeup" I hope to instill confidence in these lovely girls so that they feel beautiful with or without makeup.

Please email me for availability and pricing.

Love Mel xx

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Winter Months.

As our winter starts in Perth our wedding season slows down a bit so we can catch a breath from our crazy season, We do love a winter wedding though, so many beautiful locations in Perth.

We try and do our new season trials during these months as our weekends are much more flexible.

So to tie in with this I have decided to open up my studio on Friday and Saturday afternoons for "special occasions" makeup, whether it be a ball, engagement party or just a night out I can have you looking fabulous in 45 minutes.

So come relax and watch the ocean and let me do the rest.

Please contact me for appointments and prices.

Love Mel xx

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Style me Pretty.

I'm excited to see that a wedding we worked on last year has been selected to be on the "Style Me Pretty" blog tomorrow.

The wedding was coordinated by the very talented Kristy of "Flights Of Fancy By Kristy" Kristy is an event planner based in Perth Western Australia, and very good at what she does.

We really enjoyed working on Francis and Stephen's wedding, one of our coolest brides ever. With the most amazing hand painted gold macaroon's I've ever tasted.

Once it's live tomorrow i will share some photo with you all.

Love Mel xx

Monday, June 8, 2015

MAC Lip of the Day.

I have loved MAC cosmetics for as long as i can remember, the Face and Body foundation is still one of my favourite foundations ever! I love the colours and collaborations they have with all sorts of people.
Lime green eyeshadow,  Kelly Osborne's collection, the list goes on and on. 

Lately I've been seeing these really cool lips on Instagram @maccosmetics #LipoftheDay and it has these really out there lips, some with stickers, sequins etc.
These are my 3 favourite ones, so much fun! 

Any one want to let me practise on them? Would love to create my own!

Love Mel xx

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Lush Hair and Makeup.

For those of you who have been through my gallery page you'll see the most amazing hairstyles! It takes both Hair and Makeup to create these beautiful brides, and the fact our brides are just beautiful anyway.

All of those styles are created by my business partner Lesley Hewitt, She has years and years of experience and can braid like no other. She really is brilliant. We met many years ago working in a photographic studio and kept in touch and would do the occasional wedding together, but it got to the point we were working together nearly every weekend. So we put our heads together and came up with "Lush Hair and Makeup" We love the name, especially me because I'm Welsh :) 

We are now thriving little company here in Perth and this year will see us do two wedding expo's, which we are excited about.

I feel very lucky to do a job I love and work with a person I love, we have the funniest road trips some weekends. As we travel to our beautiful South West and country towns for many weddings.

But there are times when a bride may only need a makeup artist of sometimes just a hairstylist  so we can booked individually as well.

This is our logo which we are very proud of, we hope you like it too xx

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Wedding Makeup.

The biggest part of my business is Weddings and Makeup, It's what I do every weekend sometimes leaving in the early hours watching the sun rise and having a coffee.

Being in Perth allows me to travel to the most beautiful places, whether it be the Swan Valley, The Ocean or an Old Manor out in the country it's always different and unique to each bride and groom.

For me it's not work it's just doing what I love and enjoy, the getting ready mornings are so much fun. When you get a group of girls and makeup there is always a great vibe, oh and champagne.

My last few wedding have had a vintage feel to them, I am so in love with the whole vintage wedding look. It's timeless and classic and every bride can put her own spin on it.

My favourite part of the day is watching it all come together, the hair, the makeup, the flowers and then the dress. I feel like I attend a wedding every week and am a part of the excitement.

This is Pip one of my brides, isn't she a vision? I just adore her style and smile xx


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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

My Early Influence.

This is the photo that first inspired me to try makeup, So very 80's and so very Madonna. I still love it to this day.
I would trace around it first and then colour it in, I would then do the look on myself and go out with my friends haha!
I just wanted the matching hair as well, But never quite mastered it.

Love Mel x


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This is a work in progress as i would much rather have a makeup brush in my hand than be typing :) but i will get there i hope??

Love Mel x
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