Monday, June 22, 2015


If you asked me to choose my favourite wedding, I would have to say "I really can't" it would be literally impossible as all of my brides are beautiful and unique as their weddings.

I have loved our beach weddings but then a simple wedding in a small winery is just as nice. We drove to an old manor in the country and didn't want to leave. The list is endless and ever changing.

But the wedding i am featuring today just touched my heart and still does, I think it's a combination of a beautiful LOVE story and a blending of families.

Our bride chose the heritage listed Terrace Hotel to get ready, this hotel is just charming and old and has a romantic feel to it, so we did have a good start to our day. The room itself was a photographers dream.

The brides dress was by Bohemian Brides, we are in LOVE with it's simplicity.

The actual wedding was in a city park so simple but so beautifully set up by the talented people at "The Dreamer and Collector"

The reception was back at The Terrace Hotel, which transformed it's front terrace into the most divine wedding reception, full of fairy lights and elegance.

From a Hair and Makeup point of view we are still in awe of the much talked about "Flower Crown" by Ruby Tree Creative. It was more than we could of dreamed of, just perfect in every way.

But i think the biggest credit goes to "I Heart Weddings" who captured every moment of the day perfectly.
Natalija's work is flawless and she managed to tell a love story with her camera. 
The LOVE between these two still melts my heart, which is why i wanted to share it with you all and also so you can all understand why I just absolutely LOVE my job so much.

Love Mel xx

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